: Kahatex I and Kahatex II
The plant is designed by Zimmer AG company from Germany to produce up to 160 ton of polyester fiber, 50 ton of POY/FDY and 150 ton of polyester chips per day.


: Kahatex II
We boasts the largest Acrylic Spinning Plant, Jet Spinning Plant and Compact Spinning Plant in Indonesia. We also includes two Worsted Spinning Mills and two Fancy-Yarn Spinning Mills. Altogether we currently have 20 independent Spinning Mills with a total of 1 million spindles. We also have 2 more mills currently under construction slated for completion in 2020.


: Kahatex I and Kahatex II
We are the largest producers of woven fabrics in Indonesia with more than 3,300 weaving machines. We have Air Jet, Water Jet, Rapier and Projectile Looms with the maximum working width of 3200mm. We also have 2 mills specially for denim.


: Kahatex II
We are proud to be the largest producer also for circular knitted fabrics with more than 1,800 circular knitting machines. We work with Gauges 12 up to 32, and Cylinders up to 36 inches.


: Kahatex I and Kahatex II
We have many dyeing machines with various capacities from 30kg to 1200kg with the amount of dyeing capacity reaching more than 230 tons per day.

Garment and Socks

: Kahatex I and Kahatex III
Our garment sections has more than 6000 Units of machines, with a monthly output of 1,500,000 pieces per month. Our socks and gloves division have more than 5000 Units of machines, with a monthly output of 2,550,000 dzn pairs per month.


: Every department
PT. Kahatex believes that the importance of having world-class lab-testing facilities can never be overlooked. Not only is it imperative for achieving the best quality standards, but also to serve and help our clients' reach their specific goals and requirements.