PT. Kahatex

The no. 1 textile manufacturer in Indonesia

PT Kahatex

Originally founded & established in 1979 as a knitting mill & dye house by Mr. Song Liang-Hua, PT. Kahatex is today known to be a world-class fully integrated vertical textile set-up. Covering a combined area of more than 185 hectares in 3 production sites with a total workforce of more than 55,000, PT Kahatex is one of the largest family-run textile enterprises in the South-East Asia region.

Today PT. Kahatex serves an extremely diverse market range to the ever-growing market demand for quality textile goods. More than 40% of the products are directly exported to more than 80 countries world-wide. PT. Kahatex is currently directly developing and producing for globally renowned partners such as Adidas, H&M, S.Oliver, C&A, Muji, GU and others.

We at PT Kahatex have made it our mission to keep expanding and modernizing facilities, and to explore new ways in innovative and sustainable manufacturing.