Environmental Policy


PT.KAHATEX is a global Textile and Garment Manufacturing Company and respects environment. KAHATEX believes in environmental excellence vital to our business interests and is consistent with our mission and shared values. We feel that our Company, together with other connected business organizations, has major responsibility for protecting ecology, and the health and safety of our employees, our customers.


Therefore We are committed to :
1.Comply with relevant environmental Legislations and Regulations that are applicable to the activities and products of our plant.
2.Continually minimize and prevent adverse environmental effects associated with our products and operation.
3.Continually assess our environmental technology and monitor progress towards environmental goals.
4.Producing environmental friendly products and operations, through energy and resource saving.
5.Foster environmental responsibility among our employees and encourage their initiative in daily activities.
6.The Environmental Policy will be informed to customers, employees, and the public.